Northern California hit by 4.4 magnitude earthquake

A 4.4 magnitude earthquake in Northern California prompted a response from fire officials over reported gas leaks, odor  of gas, fire alarms going off and stuck elevators Tuesday evening,  according to the Santa Rosa Fire Department.

The 4.4 temblor, which struck around 6:39 p.m. PT was quickly followed  by a 3.9 magnitude one, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The  epicenter was 4.66 miles underground.

The quakes, which were felt as far north as Mendocino County and as far  south as Santa Clara County, also knocked pictures off walls, according  to the newspaper and the U.S. Geological Survey.

The area is vulnerable to quakes, with Santa Rosa sitting on the Rodgers Creek Fault east of the San Andreas Fault, which sits under San Francisco.

"I wasn’t sure if a plane had gone down nearby - it was so loud,"  downtown Santa Rosa resident Brooks Anderson told the Chronicle. He said  several oil paintings fell off his walls.

This was another earthquake story where the local news has images of  liquor bottles broken on the floors of corner stores, and most of the  damage appears to have been fairly minor.

No injuries or major damage has been reported, according to the Santa Rosa Police Department. A 2.9 magnitude quake hit the East Bay on Sunday, according to the Chronicle.